NASA will be returning to North Carolina on November 8th in Charlottesville. Greg & Susan Van Hoose will be the meet directors for this event and all future NC events. Greg & Susan have conducted nearly 50 NASA Events over the years and they now live and work in NC & SC. We would like to add the East Coast Nationals next year if the meets in NC & SC show the interest our meets in the past have shown in the Tar Heel State. The Van Hoose’s currently conduct the WV, KY and NC State and Regional events for NASA. Greg’s e-mail is greg@vhepower.comRead More →

The NASA World Cup 2014 competition from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma is now live and on the air! Keep in mind the venue internet isn’t the greatest in the world, so we’re trying to keep it going as best we can with limited connectivity that we can use! Click here to check out the livestream right now!Read More →

Several factors go into getting a livestream meet from NASA Powerlifting. Obviously, the venue has to have the services provided. Most NASA meets take place in hotel settings, so more than likely that will be setup. The second thing is GOOD internet services. That can be a bit of an issue in some of the ballrooms where we put the competitions on at. So, while we won’t be able to livestream every single meet on the schedule, there’s always a chance that it COULD happen depending on certain variables. Either way, we’ve got the page setup with my friends over at VaughnLive for any kindRead More →