What is a NASA Gold Card? Gold Cards are simply pre-paid entries at a greatly reduced price per entry. All Gold Cards are 10 Entries each, and are non-expiring. You can use as many Gold Card credits as you want for any NASA meet as long as you have punches remaining.

NASA entry fees for 2024 will be a minimum of $75 per entry for adults and $50 for High School entries. 10 Entry Gold Cards are now $399.95 for adults and this year we are offering a Jr Gold Card for only $275.00 for High School or younger lifters ONLY This comes out to only $40 per entry for Adult Gold Cards and only $27.50 per entry for High School. Even if Entry Fee’s Increase your Gold Card entries are still valid.

THE GOOD NEWS- We are making this offer for a VERY limited time only. This will be the ONLY Gold Card Special we have planned in 2024. At this discount we cannot sell but a very limited number of these Gold Cards.

Here are some questions you may have and the answers-

  1. How long do Gold Cards last? A- They never expire.
  2. Can I share my Gold Card with another lifter or family member? A- At these prices, NO.
  3. How do I enter on-line with a Gold Card? A- Simply enter the way you normally do but select Gold Card as your payment. The cost is $1.00 regardless of the number of entries you choose to enter. YOU MUST BRING YOUR GOLD CARD WITH YU TO THE MEET TO BE PUNCHED. If you do not bring your Gold Card to check-in you will have to pay regular entry fees.
  4. What if I lose my Gold Card? A- Don’t. We will NOT, under any circumstances, replace any Gold Card if lost or stolen.
  5. How long will this offer last? A- Until our Special Offer sells out. They are VERY Limited. If your order is accepted and payment made, you will have a Gold Card. When the offer is sold out, the order form will be shut down.