All of Rich Peters’ Powerlifting training tapes are now available for purchase ONLINE! You can find out more information by heading here!

Now you can own or rent my training videos that I have produced over the the past 3 decades and sold all over the world. You may watch these videos and on your own computer, phone, gaming console and other acceptable devices.

These videos and the information included in them is timeless and the principles will remain the same for all time.

The information contained in these videos has been gathered from my 43 years in the sport as a lifter, World Team Coach, administrator, meet director of over 2,000 distinct Powerlifting meets conducted in the USA & Russia. I was invited to do two seminars in Russia in the early 90’s after I brought the Russian team to Atlanta, Ga which was the first time Russian lifters were in America.

The key to success in this sport is to stay healthy, injury free and with a positive attitude. It’s easy to have a positive attitude when you can train injury free and without pain.

I will also be setting up a new Facebook Page whereby the lifters who purchase my DVD’s may ask questions throughout their training. This page will be private and closed only for those who are new customers. More Info Later.

These videos we made for the beginning Powerlifter through the long time veterans. Some of the things you will learn includes:

– How to maximize your own leverage points and avoid your weak spots.

– The proper sets and reps to train by whereby you can avoid doing max single rep workouts which are the #1 cause of PL injuries.

– Pick you proper openers according to your training weights. No more guessing on openers.

– Each lift is broken down, point by point, to ensure easy comprehension and understanding.

– An understanding of what Powerlifting actually encompasses including understanding your own leverage points and learning that every lifter is unique and cannot be trained using other lifter’s training. You are unique and your lifting style, form and leverage is unique.

– Each lift is detailed and points out the actual muscles used, joint structure, eliminating needless assistance exercises thereby putting all your growth and development into your lifts.

These videos are not junk information which highlights one lifter who may merely highlight his or her training but rather coaches you on how you can become the best lifter YOU can become.