NASA Powerlifting took to World Sports Expo at Fair Park in Dallas, Texas on Saturday, March 27th, 2015 and brought 20+ competitors to showcase their skills and have the ability to set NASA national records in front of an audience that usually doesn’t attend our meets. Everybody had a great time and enjoyed the new environment lifting for the first time in years for NASA Powerlifting!

Of note, we witnessed a 529 pound bench (@188) from Mosbeh Elkenany from Houston, TX, a 705 pound squat (@243) from Tyson Meyers from Dallas, Texas who was also competing in his first full meet since hip surgery! LaTosha Cleaver deadlifted 451 pounds (@186) for the big “double golds” deadlift! We also saw an impressive back-and-forth shoot fight between 148’ers Ryan Ballard and Christian Kearney as they fought through the full meet, which also saw Kearney deadlift a whopping 578 pounds (@140)!

Christian Kearney (TX) deadlifts 578 at 140 at World Sports Expo 2016!
Christian Kearney (TX) deadlifts 578 at 140 at World Sports Expo 2016!

Not to leave anybody out of this fabulous contest, you can check out the full list of 600 pound squats and 400 pound benches that took place in front of the live audience in Dallas by heading over to the official scoresheet!

We definitely look forwards to joining World Sports Expo again next year and continue to bring an awesome display of amazing DRUG FREE POWERLIFTING to the audience!

CLICK HERE for our photo gallery from the event!