What is your name and where are you from?

Peter Maynard from Sidney Nebraska by way of Miami and New York City.

When did you start powerlifting and was there a reason for it?

I started powerlifting in Miami in 2005. I have been lifting weights for most of my life but wanted to compete in order to have something to train for. Once I did my first meet I was hooked – took me three years of training for my first 500 lb. bench but I’ve been benching over 500 for eight years in a row.

What are some of your best lifting accomplishments so far?

o NASA American record masters and masters pure bench press 579
o NASA championship belt
o Neil Miller award winner
o Multiple state record holder

What are some lifting goals that you have set for the future?

o Bench 611 and set the American open and masters II 242 lb. bench press record
o Stay healthy and keep competing for a long time – in NASA only of course!

What kind of training program do you follow?

o At age 50 a lot depends on how I feel and if I have any injuries. Fortunately I’ve never had a serious injury just lots of minor ones.
o Bench and squat once a week, another day do accessory work.
o Since I only bench once a week I always go heavy – I usually bench over 500 every week of the year.

How long have you been involved with NASA Powerlifting?

Six years – ever since I moved from Miami FL to Nebraska. I don’t and won’t compete in any other Federation.

Can you recall your first NASA powerlifting competition?

For sure – Colorado State meet. Had a GREAT experience, made friends who I still compete with to this day. NASA is an outstanding organization, especially the group from Colorado.

If you could lift against anybody else heads up in NASA who would it be?

Dick (Richard) Byers if he gets back into the 242 lb. weight class. I really want Dick to get healthy and start competing again! He’s also been a big help to me in competition.

What are some of your favorite moments from being at NASA meets?

o Competing with my fellow lifters – we are the most lifter friendly and supportive organization around! Everyone helps everyone else at the competitions – it’s exactly what powerlifting should be.
o Competing with Angel Rocha my training partner. She’s been a big help in training, nutrition and meet prep.
o Setting and American record bench of 579
o Receiving the Neil Miller bench press award
o Winning a NASA belt at bench nationals a few years ago.

When can we expect to see you step on the platform again?

Oklahoma City. This year I’ll do 6-8 NASA competitions. I’ll try for 611 in every one of them!

Is there anything else you’d like to let the NASA Powerlifting world know?

Rich, Tad and the entire NASA family are the best and have created an amazing organization. I’m deeply grateful for what they have built and for the friends I’ve made through competing. That’s why I only support NASA and will only do NASA competitions!