What is your name and where are you from?

Matthew Lenzi from Simi Valley, California.

When did you start powerlifting and was there a reason for it?

My dad introduced me to the youth division of NASA back in Pennsylvania when I was 8yrs old. So I did my first meet 22 years ago and been here ever since.

What are some of your best lifting accomplishments so far?

Breaking 500 deadlift at 18 weighing 170. Even though at the time no belt was given at these meets I got top coefficient at 2 az meets. Got 2013 intermediate class athlete of the year.

What are some lifting goals that you have set for the future?

I’ve hit 600 deadlift so I wish to see 700 while still in 198 weight class. And bench I’ve hit 363 I will see 400 in this weight class.

What kind of training program do you follow?

Mostly my own, but presently adapting for my core lifts the juggernaut method.

How long have you been involved with NASA Powerlifting?

22 years.

Can you recall your first NASA powerlifting competition?

Since I was so young hard to recall though I remember vividly my meet when I was 11 in west Virginia regionals held by Greg van hoose. I weighed in about 110lbs. I benched 110, squat 150, deadlifted 181.

If you could lift against anybody else heads up in NASA who would it be?

I’ve competed in a lot of the same meets as some the great NASA lifters over the past few years and every meet I’ve been to when the belts were being given out I’ve come in 2nd. I’d want most to go against them again and win the belt. One I’d say I look up to is Jimmy Roberts.

What are some of your favorite moments from being at NASA meets?

I loved the meet when I was 16 in the world cup. But maybe just as much rewarding was to be a spotter/loader on the following day for all the big guys it was hard work.

When can we expect to see you step on the platform again?

I will be at the Denver, Colorado Powersports Nationals in May 2016.

Is there anything else you’d like to let the NASA Powerlifting world know?

Just that I’m not going anywhere else and if any lifter ever comes to my area we should workout together!