What is your name and where are you from?

My name is Mark Reynolds, I am from Mart, TX. I am currently a teacher/coach in Louise, TX.

When did you start powerlifting and was there a reason for it?

Started lifting in 7th grade in athletics to get better at football. My 1st powerlifting meet was in 2004, my freshmen year in high school.

What are some of your best lifting accomplishments so far?

6x Championship Belt Winner
2x Overall Male Powersports Lifter of the Year
1200 Powersports Total @198
661 Deadlift @192 Bodyweight
Currently ranked #1 unequipped push/pull on top 250

What are some lifting goals that you have set for the future?

My only goal is to continue to put up good and consistent numbers for years to come. I also want to lift in a minimum of 4 meets a year.

What kind of training program do you follow?

Go Heavy or go Home!

How long have you been involved with NASA Powerlifting?

I’ve lifted in NASA only meets since 2010.

Can you recall your first NASA powerlifting competition?

Yes, it was a met in Gilmer, TX in 2010. Great lifting and great BBQ afterwards! Met some great people such as Rich Peters, Terry Hedrick and many more.

If you could lift against anybody else heads up in NASA who would it be?

This is an easy one. My 2 close friends Jimmy Roberts and Nick Birdsong. I always enjoy competing against them. It usually comes down to the final deadlift and a 10th or sometimes a 100th of a coefficient point.

What are some of your favorite moments from being at NASA meets?

Being selected Overall Powersports Lifter of the Year was a very humbling experience.

Another favorite moment was winning 2 belts at the 2012 Unequipped Nationals. My wife was running around with 3 kids at the time, and Rich Peters actually left the meet and babysat my kids so my wife could watch me lift. That really showed me what kind of person Rich is, and what kind of Organization he is running.

When can we expect to see you step on the platform again?

At the Worlds Sports Expo in Dallas, Texas on February 27th.

Is there anything else you’d like to let the NASA Powerlifting world know?

I’m just proud to lift in the best drug free powerlifting organization on the planet!