1. Tell us a little about yourself. Etc. age, where born, where you grew up, schooling, jobs and family?

I was born over in Hobbs NM in 1963. We moved around a little when I was real young my Dad was a construction electrician so we followed his job. We settled in Roswell in ’72, So really Roswell is home. Had a fantastic childhood the normal stuff treehouses, swimming holes on the river (never could swim just sank ) Horses, train tracks, hunting and pretty much just kid stuff knew all the police so when they caught me doing dumb stuff they took me home. Which was often. Graduated in ‘82 was working on a drilling rig at the time so I didn’t go to college. Really just wanted to work and party looking back that was a mistake. An education is a lot cheaper than the school of hard knocks LIFE LESSON HERE YOUNG PEOPLE !!!!!!! Long story short made a few major mistakes in my twenties and early thirties but managed to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ at 33, and started on a better path, I still have a loooong way to go but I will get there. Quit the drinking at 34 never really got into the drug thing I saw drugs kill a lot of my friends and ruin my brothers . Had a lot of success thru the rest of my thirties made and spent a lot of money then a crap storm hit. Had a pretty rough go through most of my forties lost everything twice but just kept the faith and kept working. Decided to get into the oil business a little over 2 years ago have really enjoyed it seems to be working out. I have a daughter Beaner 31 and a son Justin 27 from my first marriage then another son and daughter Tanner Bleu 16 and Dakota 13 from my second marriage. Met and started dating Laurie Jean in early 2010 really has been a good relationship a lot different than what I had in the past. She has made me see what a women is supposed to be. I have a great relationship with my kids I am really blessed with great kids. Laurie and I are engaged and do plan to be married next sept. (if she will still have my dumbass LOL) I could go on for weeks here a lot of life lived so far. I have been on a wild ride but really don’t know that I would change much.

2. How did you get into lifting?

My older son was living with me for a few months I had almost always lifted a little usually in my garage or some back ally gym. I had him spot me one evening he said dang dad your kind a strong for an old guy you should find a meet and see how you do. My brother had lifted on the state prison team in the eighties and we always talked about someday me and him traveling together to meets. Meth had him (I sure miss him) though and I just never pursued it. I just hadn’t thought much about it until he said that. To be real honest I think he came to live with me because he was worried about me. Life was really kicking my ass about then LIFE LESSON YOUNG PEOPLE NEVER SURRENDER. Anyway that’s when I joined the gym in town the power block and started training

3. How long have you competed in meets?

My first meet was April 2010 in Gallup NM. I entered bench only got my opener and that was all I got. Rich was the meet director. Gary Schuster was the asst. meet director. Carlos Sidell was the head ref on bench he was cool even though I sucked. Tad yelled at me LOL. I saw some of New Mexico’s best Rich Kahle, Brian Ammerman, David Torrez and Keith Edwards to name a few. I remember thinking damn those guys are strong. After the awards I remember thinking how cool it was that that grouchy looking guy brought all these cool trophies he must not be too bad. I was so proud even though I sucked I was so proud. We stopped in Albq on the way home to see a friend of mine that I cowboyed with some. He was in intensive care with burns he was even proud. Then I got kicked out of the hospital maybe I was a little too loud for intensive care but that’s another story. LIFE LESSON YOUNG PEOPLE BE QUIET WHEN VISITING INTENSIVE CARE

4. How long have you lifted in NASA and why you lift in NASA?

I don’t see any need to lift in any other federation. NASA is family, my family. PERIOD!!

5. What titles/records do you hold or have held?

I still have a few New Mexico state records what national records I had got beat recently. Records are made to be broken. We have some newer lifters in NASA that are really making some noise and some of the more seasoned lifters have really assaulted the records as well resetting some of the older records they already had. I recently won the MAN OF STEEL title I don’t know that I can adequately express how much that means to me. Some of the stuff Rich said when I got my belt, you bringing me that shirt and a standing ovation and the support I got from people like Jeff Briner and a couple hundred others overwhelming to say the least. I could go on about this for awhile but I am getting all choked up I better move on.

6. What are your current goals and your next competition?

I have several goals right now I am trying to heal up and start getting ready for Masters Nationals in November. Coby Cardin has the bar set really high in the masters 2, 198s I plan to make a push for some of his records over the next few years but he keeps moving them up LOL. I also want to polish my referee skills I want to be more consistent and confident. I have come to believe that we should work as hard at refereeing as the lifters do at lifting. Actually I think I got that from Rich but it sounds better when I say it. Don’t you think?

7. What lifters do you look up to?

That’s a long long list. I think Fred Ashford said it best when he said that what you are is more important than what you do. I know that in my life I have been fortunate to have crossed paths with some of the very best people God put on this planet and a good portion of those are in my NASA family. I have heard it said that rough roads bring good people and if you look around NASA a lot of us have traveled some rough roads.

8. What type of training and schedule do you currently follow?

Right now I am just healing up and trying to put some of the weight back on that I worked off this summer working over my wells, damn hot summer wow. Rich has a good program I use, its practical for a working man but you still see steady progress to keep you focused. His stuff won’t get me hurt and is proven. The key for me is to not get hurt doing stupid crap other than lifting.

9. What do you like to do in your spare time?

Right now I am pretty focused on work and building my little oil company. I will still watch a Cowboy game or two this fall and maybe get to ride my springer some, saddle up Caty Joe, my mule for a ride. I have tons of crap to do around the place and the most importantly spend some quality time with my woman in private. She is going to shoot me for writing that LOL.

10. What else would you like to share with us?

This past year I lifted in Masters Nationals for the first time. It was at that meet I learned why me and a lot of other masters, aged lifters still lift. We are not really competing with each other or even chasing trophies titles or anything like that. Most of us are competing with what we have survived. Motorcycle wrecks, mules, cows and or horses stomping the hell out of us, falls. Breaks, sprains, and pulls; with doctors telling us we can’t do what we love anymore and the world caving in around us. Bad deals bad marriages and hard times we survived all of that and are stronger for it . Thanks for letting me share and THANKS RICH PETERS for believing in us; your NASA family.