Kyle Morgan was runner up to Larry Marker in last year’s Man of Steele completion. Kyle is always exciting to watch on the platform and is someone to watch in the future of NASA powerlifting. And where you usually see Kyle you will see His friend Cody Vanderweed. At a meet you can see Kyle helping anyone who ask him for lifting advise.

Tell us a little about yourself. Etc. age, where born, where you grew up, schooling, jobs and family?

My name is Kyle Morgan, I am 28 years old and was born is Wamego, Kansas. I grew up south of Topeka. I am a welding supervisor at a company here In Topeka and have recently passed my certified weld inspector test.

How did you get into lifting?

I got into lifting in high school. I transferred to a school that didn’t have wrestling, so I started Powerlifting and never looked back.

How long have you competed in meets?

I competed in meets while in high school, then didn’t compete again for almost 7 years. It wasn’t until I discovered NASA that I got back into competing.

How long have you lifted in NASA and why do you lift in NASA?

I have lifted in NASA going on 4 years now. I lift for NASA because I love how we are all one BIG Family. Even during meets everyone is always helping each other.

What titles/records do you hold or have held?

I currently hold state records in Kansas at the 165 and 181 Intermediate weight classes as well as the National curl record in the 165 and 181 Intermediate weight classes.

What are your current goals and your next competition?

My Current goal is to be one of the names that everyone scans the flight sheets looking for as the guy to beat. My Next competition will be in November at the Kansas Regionals.

Are there any lifters that you look up to?

Lifters that I currently look up to are: of course Tyson Meyers and Jamie McDougal. As well as Nick Birdsong, Larry Marker, Larry Donahue and my buddy Cody Vanderweed.

What type of training and schedule do you currently follow?

I am currently running a training program that is a hybrid of 5,3,1 and some stuff off of Rich Peter’s training DVD’s.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

In my spare time I play softball in the spring, summer and fall. And recently bought my first home, so there is always something to do around the house.