What is your name and where are you from?

Bronson Bradley from Mount Pleasant, Tennessee.

When did you start powerlifting and was there a reason for it?

I started Powerlifting in Highschool for Football, my brother and I grew up on a farm and was naturally stronger at the main lifts. We thought that was cool so PLing became a passion.

What are some of your best lifting accomplishments so far?

My biggest accomplishment in Powerlifting was breaking a 6 coefficient in PowerSports and winning a belt at the Natural Nationals 2014.

What are some lifting goals that you have set for the future?

My future goals: I would love to Powerclean 300; bench close to 400, Squat in the 500 and break 600 in deadlift.

What kind of training program do you follow?

As far as training programs go, I like to mix it up between 5,3,1 ; CrossFit programs; And some things I program myself as a strength and conditioning coach.

How long have you been involved with NASA Powerlifting?

I have only lifted in NASA since 2004.

Can you recall your first NASA powerlifting competition?

With my first competition being the TN state meet at Pickwick: I was hooked after that meet and competed that year in the Powersports Nationals.

If you could lift against anybody else heads up in NASA who would it be?

Heads Up: I like the competition with the other 181’s in NASA such as Cody Vandeweerd and Brett Lanier: such a big group of 181 lifters that push me to keep getting in the gym.

What are some of your favorite moments from being at NASA meets?

At NASA meets, other than competing, I love the fellowship and family atmosphere. It is a community and we help those who ask and cheer one another on. I love that I’m competing against Natural athletes, not cheaters. I also love the annual banquet for lifters.

When can we expect to see you step on the platform again?

I plan on competing at the NN in Feb and the Open Nationals in Ohio this summer.

Is there anything else you’d like to let the NASA Powerlifting world know?

Thanks for the questions and I look forward to reading all the lifters answers. This is a great organization with the best spotters/loaders/meet directors and lifters in the Nation!