Gold Cards are simply Pre-Paid entries to upcoming events. Each Gold Card allows the owner to enter up to 10 entries in any meet(s). It is the lifter’s decision as to how many Gold Card punches he/she uses on which meets. Gold Card owners may enter on-line and pay $1.00 through PayPay, mail their entry in by snail mail or enter at the meet and pay the late fee for that event. Lifters are not limited to the number of Divisions/events they enter in any meet as long as they have the punches remaining on their Gold Card to cover those entries. Lifters are required to present their Gold Card at check -in so they may be punched for the number of events/divisions the lifter chooses to enter using their Gold Card. Many Gold Card owners use the Gold Card entries for 1st divisions only and pay cash/credit card for any additional add-on events/divisions since the first division is the most expensive. But any combination may be used by Gold Card owners, it’s entirely their choice. Gold Cards can be used to pay for up to 10 entries and add-on entries. If for any reason an event is canceled or postponed not punches will be used on the Gold Card.

Gold Cards are Non-Expiring. We process entries every year for Gold Cards that are as old as 15 years. Some lifters have retired, been injured, etc and their Gold Cards are still good.

Gold Cards are NOT transferable, ONLY the purchasers name on each Gold Card is allowed to use that Gold Card. No sharing with family, friends, or team members, etc.

You may pay using the PayPal order form below or by mailing your Gold Card order to us immediately by regular mail.

These Gold Cards sell out rather fast and only a small number are offered at a time. Gold Cards cannot be purchased after a particular sale has ended since all Gold Card Sales are limited.

Order your Gold Card today. No more than 2 Gold Cards for each lifter, per sale.

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