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NASA “Gold Card” Offer.
Get ready for one of the last Gold Card Offer of the year at current prices. Gold Cards are 10 entries in any NASA meet which can be used when and where you like. They are non-expiring and you can use 1-10 entries as you please. They are a $700-$750 value and we sell these for $325.00. This comes out to only $32.50 per entry. In 2018 we are offering special offers for Husband & Wife, Family and Team Gold Cards. See prices below on the PayPal order page. This is an unheard of offer in the sport of Powerlifting. This comes out to an average of only $32.50 per entry. We usually only sell 10-15 of these at a time and usually only do it once or twice per year. When you see the offer, take advantage of it because these go FAST. This is the 21st year we have offered Gold Cards and have never, ever, had a problem or complaint from people buying these. It has been almost a full year since we last made a Gold Card Offer. This offer will be posted here, on my FB Page and the NASA Members Page for only a short period of time. Any lifter can purchase these through PayPal when the offer is posted or the sale date(s) have not expired. Don’t Wait. When these are sold, there are gone for that sale period. These will be going up in price. Payal also gives you the opportunity to pay out your Gold Card over a period of 6 months.

* Adult Gold Card – Can only be used by one lifter whose name will be on the Gold Card.
* Husband & Wife Gold Card – Can only be used by the Husband and/or wife whose name will be on their card together.
* Adult Team Gold Card – Can be used only for members of an Adult Team and all submitted at the same time at check-in. All entries must be either mailed in to us or entered at the meet at check-in plus the late fee per lifter.
* High School Team Gold Card – Can only be used by members of the same HS Team. All entries MUST be made at the meet check-in, all lifters must be current HS Lifters and the Gold Card MUST be presented at check-in. These cards CAN NOT BE USED AT THE HIGH SCHOOL NATIONALS! No Exceptions.
* Family Gold Card – Members of the same immediate family, all living in the same household. Includes Husband, Wife and Children under 19 years of age all living in the same household.

GOLD CARD ENTRIES MAY BE MADE ON-LINE but will be charged a $1.00 service fee for entering by PayPal. The Gold Card MUST be presented at check-in to be punched. If Gold Cards are not presented at check-in all entry Fee’s MUST be paid by cash or Credit Card.

Number of Gold Cards
Husband & Wife or Team Option